Musings Of a 20-Something Year Old.

We all have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 4 weeks a month and 12 months a year.

Yet some of us tend to do better and live better lives than others.

Why? because we don’t all have the same purpose in life.

While some were born to be leaders, some were born to be followers…and the list goes on.

With this in mind, i vowed to myself that i will stay curious and slowly learn what my purpose in life is. 😊

Until then, here’s what i believe;

I was born to heal people. I was born to take away their pain, dissapointment and heart break.


I was born to believe in people and that there is good in everyone. Even though they prove me wrong sometimes.


I was born to cheer on people. To congratulate them when they do great things, to smile when they are happy, to encourage and motivate them along the way.


I was born to lead & nurture people. To remind them of their worth. To help them grow and realize how much potential they have.


And finally I was born to write this for you to read today. So that you may look deep into yourself and get the same realization i did.


We all need to know and understand our purpose in life. That way we will all be at peace with ourselves.

We need to stop hating on other people’s achievements, we need to stop sabotaging and downplaying people’s efforts in life. We need to stop being silent fans or thinking the grass is greener on someone elses yard.

Pick up your phone today and check on someone, ask them how they are doing, cheer them on and congratulate them. Let them know how proud you are of them. Let them know how inspirational their efforts and success is to you.

Put a smile on someone’s face today 😊

It feels good doesn’t it? 



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